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Proto type of Smart home

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Hi everyone! Here I have documented, how to make a proto type of Iot based Smart home. In this project, I have included the functions that are Automatic door open system, Smart parking system, IOT based security system and IOT based fan control system. but you can add more functions here.but now I have only added four functions here.So lets now dive into the each functions here.

Automatic Door open system

  Here I have used Arduino, Servo motor, Ultrasonic sensor.(components are given bellow in my article). when any one become to show their hand infront of Ultra sonic sensor, as reason of already set code, the servo motor will turn for pre set angle.The door, where connect along with the servo motor also turn for the position which already have set.

Smart parking System

 Ultra sonic sensor and buzzer have been used to make noise, when any of your vehicle  goes to crash with wall. but actually buzzer will make noise when any object will detect in front of the Sensor.

These two have been controlled by Arduino.

Now lets get into IOT.

IOT based motion detector security system  

  In my old post, I had documented that how to made IOT based motion detector security system. You can check it out for more details. So here I have include that system. when you are going to leave from your home you can turn it on.  other wise it will send notification frequently to your Samrt phone, While you are staying or living in the room.   

Control Home Appliances using mobile phone or your voice

 you can control your home Appliances, wherever you are. Even you can notify the particular
appliances will it turn on or off. So you can  mange the waste flow of current. you can check it out  my "Control your home appliances using WIFI or Mobile network". has provided full Instruction to make blynk connection between Node mcu. So here, I have only added DC fan to demonstrate to you. If you want to add  Voice control features to this prototype. You want to make IFTT Intermediate connection between google assistant and Node mcu. In one of my previous tutorial. I had showed you how control home appliances using your voice. If you want to add voice control feature to your project you can check it out that.  


 1. Arduino UNO

  2. Node mcu

  3. Ultra Sonic sensor- 02

  4. PIR motion detector

  5.5v Relay module


  7. LED

  8. Power Bank

  9. 9v DC battery

  10. 12V DC fan

  11.Servo motor

  12. Jmper wires


Arduino Circuit   




Node Mcu Connection 


NODE MCU---------- PIR

    vv  ---------- VCC
    GND ---------  GND
    D1  ---------   IN1


NODE MCU---------- LED

    GND ---------  Cathode
    D2  ---------   Anode 

NODE MCU---------- Relay

   GND ---------  GND
   VV ---------   VCC
   D3 ---------  IN1

I have used rigifoam  to make body setup of this Proto type.

Download the Code here

 Arduino Code




Node Mcu Code


Watch the tutorial video for full Instruction about wiring with Micro controllers


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