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Control your home appliances using wifi or mobile Network

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Hi friends, In my one of the previous tutorial I had showed you control your home light using Bluetooth. In this tutorial I will show how to control your home light or any other appliances using WiFi or your mobile network.

When you suddenly go out from home, at that moment you refused to switch off your any of your home appliances you can't control it through the Bluetooth because it only have short distance connection. When you are going to connect your home appliances through WiFi or any other Internet connectivity that you control control it wherever you're and also can refuse to waste flow of current.



   2.5v 4channel relay

   3.jumbo wires

   4.A/c bulb

Thanks  to offer electronic components for my projects


Connect the D3 pin of Node MCU with pin 1of Relay. then connect ground pin of relay with ground pin of Node MCU. As I'm using 5V four channel relay you can connect at most four electronic appliances to the relay and control them over the internet. Here I used  Node Mcu to power up 5V four channel relay module.

Then I have connected the wire to N/C pin of relay. which this loop is connected up one of the bulb holder terminal and COM pin is connected one of the terminal of plug holder.Similarly another bulb terminal is connected to another terminal of plug holder.

Blynk Setup

Get the Blynk app from play store. Once the app is installed either login to it using Facebook or Create a new account on Blynk and login using that. In this case I have logged in using Facebook,
After logging in, create a new project by clicking "New project"
Give the project a name of your liking. Select the hardware as Node MCU and Select the connection type as WIFI and hit Create.
To add a new button just click anywhere on the blank area and select button from the side menu that pops up. You can place the button anywhere on the screen.
then Click on the Button and give it a name.I will name it light. In the text box Select the pin as digital pin D3


Arduino Code 

click the image for download the code
make Sure that before upload the code, that you already have to installed Esp8266 library in your Arduino IDE



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