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Human detect home security system Using Iot

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In previous tutorial I have had mad human detection light blinking
system using PIR Sensor. So now I have mad IOT based human notification. You can implement it in your home also. when you are not  in your home if any intruder enteres the room, the pir notify the motion of intruder and send it to your mobile phone through a notification .

 how does this notification send it to your Smart
   When you upload the code using Arduino IDE , you can see in the Serial monitor
    the reading which is from pir sensor, that had printed  in the Serial monitor. At the same time you have connected your NodeMcu between your home wifi. The code of connection between your NodeMcu and your home wifi, will be provided in your Arduino code as well the code of Blynk and authontication token will be provided in your Arduino Code, which will get the Serial data from your Arduino IDE and will reflect you to see the notification. 

 Download the blynk app here


    1.Node Mcu


    3.Jumbo Wires


    5.PIR Sensor

Thanks  to offer electronic components for my projects


   Nodemcu    PIR Sensor

     vv          -> Vcc

     GND    ->  GND

    D1    ->   OUT

  NodeMcu    LED

     D2 -> Anode

    GND -> Cathode

Circuit diagram

Download the Code from here

Watch the video here




  1. the code you gave us and the code in your youtube video don't match??

  2. And also you didn't tell how to connect mobile with nodemcu


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