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Raspberry pi on bussiness

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There is no shortage of using Raspberry pi on Small business. It allows us to connect with the Internet using WFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth. Now the new version of raspberry pis has launched with 4GB Ram which allows doing the work more efficiently using ting computer. This can be fit in small processing centers, Edge monitoring, weather monitoring... IoT agriculture sectors.

 Here are some advantage of Pi that prove the versatility of this board

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1.Availability and usability:

         Raspberry pi is ready to go embedded board and is available in online. you only have to choose the suitable board for your project requirement and purchase it.

2. Capabilities and scalability:

        The latest models are loaded with connectivity options, GPIO, SD card, USB options that allow to make complicated tasks through raspberry pi

3. Programming:

       A common programming languages such as Python, C/C++ are often used to make a connected systems based on raspberry pi. It usually won't require a rare programming language for learning.

4.Low Price

5.Low power consumption:

       Essentially Raspberry pi is a Low power computer that makes it ideal for IOT development

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Things to remember before choosing the right board for your business Application

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Despite all the advantage, this hardware has several limitations and variables that need to be taken into consideration before choosing Raspberry pi for your business.   

   1. Power source:

              Raspberry pi should power up with a USB cable, GPIO pins. It can be a problem in a noisy or vibrant place. In the data processing system, that leads to the loss of the processed data from the system.

2. Board design: 

          Every board has its own parameters and designs . So you need to choose the right board for your work.

3.Availability commitment

    According to the raspberry pi business model and principle, the older model 2 and 3+ won't for for a while and the newest model 4 will be supported until 2026.

Raspberry pi Business Ideas for your IoT projects

There are many things can do with Raspberry Pi. experienced engineers use this hardware platform for all type of in-house experiments from a small server to host a website. Apart from all the fun things you can make, there is a huge room for Raspberry Pi business projects.

Equipment monitoring :

Equipment monitoring is one of the most popular applications based on Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is easily expandable with a sensor to monitor the activities of equipment. For example, using temperature sensor pi will allow monitoring the temperature value of equipment and when it crosses the threshold value notification will be sent through the web server on the display.


Raspberry Pi makes good edge gateway solution using its lower power requirement and high end processing capabilities this small computer works as a a local data processing Centre that receive the data from node devices, process it locally, send commands to actuators and message to the cloud for further actions.
As well as Pi can work as device remote control and automation for an example pi can automate video recording only when any events are detected.

Real-life raspberry pi applications

There are several reasons why companies shoes implementing Raspberry Pi iot in several ways. Some manage to to save money others build unique functionality using these small computers.

According to Forbes some companies use Sony camera Tu to enable with raspberry pi to monitor activities depending on the data that needs to be collected using sensor. Sum of them are are connected to cameras for visual monitoring.

To provide basic functions like barcode scanning and item Raspberry Pi USB connected to scanner and a small display did exactly what a conventional computer wouldn't save space, power and effort.In some tourist place small Raspberry by computers enabled with high solution cameras. The the users can take photos from multiple angles by connecting the app through the Wi-Fi.

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