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Bolt IoT is a device, has made to do IoT best machine learning projects using this platform we can control as well as collect data from iOS devices safely and securely no matter where you are it can be worked on the WAN network. This specification is the reason the board stands unique from other boards. We can use the collect sensor data on how to make predictions using machine learning algorithms.
You can view actionable insight into a machine learning activity by implementing it in just a few clicks.

however Bolt IoT platform can handle machine learning over the GUI platform, this platform is the really first step for the enthusiast who willing to start IoT with machine learning, therefore It's 80% cost reduction, 10x fast time deployment.

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When we will go to use another platform for use IoT-based projects those are only made

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-using one communication method whether Wi-Fi or GSM or ZigBee and another method. Here this Bolt IoT platform comes with both Wi-Fi and GSM Technology. So we can use this board in two different communication methods. This board supports with multiple services such as Internet, SMS, email, iOS, Android notification, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more.

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