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Get to know about mail server

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Mail server or Email server. It is handling the sending and receiving messages. It is a kind of digital posting service. when we send an email to a particular receiver it is received at the receiver by going through multiple email servers.

There are two types of Email servers are out there

    1. Outgoing Email Server

          These servers will use SMTP protocol for their working purpose.   


    2. Incoming Email Server

          These servers will use IMAP (Internet Message Access protocol) and POP3(Post office Protocol) protocol. IMAP messages are stored on themselves. POP3 messages are stored the messages on devices like wise in Phone or PC.

process of sending email in four steps

1. Connecting to the SMTP server

    when you send an email through your email service provider such as Gmail, office 365, yahoo, will connect with the SMTP server. The SMTP server is connected to your domain. Then It will have a domain name like In this point, your Email service will provide the SMTP server with some information such as your email Title, body, email address.

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2. Processing the recipient's email domain

     The SMTP server  now identify and process the recipient email address. If that email is in the same domain, we call if that person's email address with your same company domain The SMTP server will direct the message to IMAP and POP3 protocol for receive the message.

If that email is not in your same company domain the SMTP server will need to communicate with that company's email. 

3. Identifying the recipient's IP

     After the above stage Your SMTP is connected to DNS to find out the recipient's server. Here the DNS will translate the domain name into unique IP Adress that identify a machine or server connected with the Internet. SMTP needs IP address to directs its message correctly to the recipient's.

4. Delivering the Email

      But It does not seem simple process. The email goes through a different unrelated SMTP server until it reaches the recipient's server. when the email enters the recipient's server The SMTP will check that and directs into IMAP and POP3 protocol.Then the email will enters the inbox and it has been processed until the its available for the user to access it.

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