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Introduction to WebSocket

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Before a few days Back, I saw an article about Websocket. So I think let me persuade myself to learn a little bit about WebSocket and write as content in my blog. So Based on my learning, let I would like to share my ideas about Websock with you. without further delay let us move on to the topic.

Fists we let get the small information about Socket. What is meant by the socket? a socket is an endpoint in the network. when an application communicates with another computer, they connect to the socket.

   for example: If any websites need to show its content at the client end, in that place there is a need to use Socket


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    So let's take look at what is WebSocket? web socket allows client and server to communicate and send a message without any previous request. one of the major benefits of using WebSocket is, that allows any web browser to support use. Also on the Internet, communication with WebSocket is oneway street, where the request will send back a response as well as some of the requests will be followed by most of the requests.

Applications of Websocket

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  1. Real-time web Application :   

                     The data will continuously refresh on the client's end although  It retrieves the data from the back end into the front end. One of the benefits of using WebSocket is, It sends the data through the same connection. So using WebSocket will improve the fast, performance of your application. 

 You can mostly see these kind of websites in trading, share market industries for continuously update the market values on the client end without refreshing the website as well as we can see on IOT data monitoring and requesting websites such as Thingspeak , blynk  ...etc                 

    2. Gaming Application:

         In Gaming Application User Interface receive the data without refreshing the user interface. It will automatically get refresh without establishing a new connection.

3. Chat Application:

The message can publish and broadcast the message among the subscribers, it reuses the same websocket connection for sending and receiving the message and one to one message transfer.

At the Same time, this WebSocket is mostly suitable for continuously updating applications. If any requirement for using the already fetched data, HTTP should be the better choice.

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Comparison between Websocket and HTTP

  • Websocket is a bidirectional connection. The client can send the message to the server as well as the client can receive the message from the server. WebSocket keeps the data above until its connection terminated. when we look at the HTTP connection, it is a unidirectional connection that works on the TCP connection. we can create the connection by using the HTTP request.
  • Almost real-time updating websites use this WebSocket method. In the meantime HTTP connection used for a simple restful application that shows already fetched data.
  • frequently updating websites use WebSocket for fast and for its better performance. On another side HTTP used for do not want the connection for a particular amount of time or required only one connection for transmitting the data  


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