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ESP32 Cam Surveillance|DIY CCTV

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In this post we will be going to look how to make your own CCTV using ESP32-CAM board. It will be cost lower than CCTV cameras. You can fix it and watch the live stream from your local area network.


·       ESP32-CAM

·       FTDI programmer

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Before Going to upload the code make sure to un comment your board type the give your WIFI credential and password

Then hit the upload  button.


When your  uploading  process finished unplug the jumper between GPIO 0 and GND the press the rst button of your ESP32-CAM board then you can see your IP address printing

On your  serial monitor. Copy the IP address with the caption of “/Mjpeg/1” and paste it on your web browser



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TO view the Live stream through your phone Download the blynk app then Create the account using your email or Facebook account after that Click on New project then Give your project name, board type as ESP32 DEV and click the network type as WIFI and click on create project. After create the project You have to add Video stream widget from side bar. Add that widget after ad that widget click on that past IP address which you already had pasted on your web browser with the caption of “/Mjpeg/1”. After click on your upper right corner button to play your  live stream then you can monitor your live stream video from your ESP32-CAM through your mobile phone


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