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Real time clock home Automation with ESP8266

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In my previous tutorial, I had shown you how to make NTP RTC clock using Nodemcu. In this video, I will show you how to make esp8266 nodemcu based Alarm home automation using the NTP library.



    2.LCD display

    3.5v Relay module

    4. Jumper wires

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Circuit for  LCD display

Circuit for relay

 Here, I have used two different circuit diagrams for easy understanding. You have to use it in one circuit

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How NTP Works?

NTP can operate in a number of ways. The most common configuration is to operate in client-server mode. The basic working principle is as follows:

  • The client device such as ESP8266 connects to the server using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on port 123.
  • A client then transmits a request packet to an NTP server.
  • In response to this request, the NTP server sends a time stamp packet.
  • A timestamp packet contains multiple information like UNIX timestamp, accuracy, delay, or timezone.
  • A client can then parse out current date & time values.


   Before,You going to upload the code You need to add the NTP library in your Arduino library documentary. If you didn't see my previous article that RTC clock without RTC module click here and download required library

    Click below image to Download the Code for alarm home Automation



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