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Iot fallen detection system

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In this DIY project series, we will be going to look, how we can make IOT based fallen detection system using Nodemcu and MPU6050 sensor. "here in this prototype version I just have attached the sensor with the breadboard. You can pretend to use it with your hand as well. So here when the magnitude exceeds the thresh hold value, the device will activate the fall detection system by sending SMS via registered phone number. To exceed the thresh hold value, I just put it down the breadboard with the sensor. Now you can see that the system has sent SMS to my phone number to make me alert. You can implement this system to people who are like old age or have to monitor in control.


     1. MPU6050 sensor

     2. NodeMCU

     3. Jumperwires


 You can check my previous post that how to make a hand gesture robot using MPU6050 sensor by checking that post You can download the libraries that would be required to make this project. visit here to check my post.   

Download the code here




Now let us move into the cloud connection part to make SMS notification to the registered phone number. Before going into the cloud configuration part make sure You already have an account in IFTT. if not please check my previous tutorials here.


To make the article to read easy, I have given the steps in the points form bellow

  • Go to IFTT website
  • Search for webhooks by clicking Explore
  • then click in the documentation to get the key which will be used in our programming part
  • After that click on create    
  • then click on "this"
  • Next, search for webhooks and select it
  • After clicking the webhooks, now you want to select "Recieve a web request" and give an event name as per your wish. In my case, I have given fall_detect
  • Then click on "that"
  • Search for Android SMS
  • Now, you want to enter your phone number with country code
  • then click on create action
  • if you want to play any song when the magnitude exceeds the thresh hold value, you can set any song to play by repeating these all step from creating part but instead of clicking Android SMS, you want to select Android Service, then you want to select play a specific song to play any song as per your wish.
  • After that click on Create Action.
when you finish all the cloud connection parts, next you want to move into programming criteria to ensure your webhook key,ssid, and password. when you finish all these parts make sure to select the correct COM port and board for uploading the code.

Hope you have liked this post, don't forget to share between those who aspire to make this kind of project.  



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