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Robots: configuration, Aspects and much more

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Robots one of the revolutionary innovations by humans which has been rapidly influencing each and every industrial sector day by day. most of the robots are not in the shape of humans instead that it would be discriminated from their purpose. robots are the Programmable mechanical device that can perform task also able to to interact with its environment without out any human interaction. which is is one of the the Mage major benefits for human automate their task very quickly. as well as save the time from one task to do another important task. The word robot Was used by the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

Now we take a look at major aspects of robots. there are three fields that are influencing in robots to do its complete task.

1. Mechanical Engineering:

Robots require mechanical shape for its outlook to prepare their body design. weather its what type of material will be used, design its actuators, Motors, calculate its and angles and force.

2. Electronic Engineering

In the field of Electronic Engineering, it determines the power supply of a robot that is one of the essential tasks for a robot to do its function efficiently that it how much voltage, how much current should be provided for a robot. furthermore the sensors are used for a robot to do a different task such as grab data from environment,measure the measurements, changing the function depends on the environmental situation.

3. Computer programs:-
When you take computer programming, the robots perform the task based on the instructions which were given by the coding the code should include the instructions of how it should be done what it should be done by a robot.

Uses and examples of Robots

Industrial Robots

In Industry sectors, human workers are needed for packaging, placing, Precision to do the job. if we are going to do those jobs with the influence of humans, we need a lot of time, need to pay for over a period of time for humans and it is not much more efficient for a long time to do those tasks. robots are being replaced the humans to do those jobs.

Robots in Research

In the research field to do a more complicated tasks that requires high computational power but it couldn't be done by humans so the highly intelligent robots are now doing those jobs much more efficiently rather than humans.

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4 Types of Industrial robots are as follows:

1. Nonservo robot

Types of non Servo robots are highly used for pick and place works and moment related works.

2. Servo robot:

This kind of robot working as the principal of the human arms and hands.

3.programmable robot :

It can store commands in the database, meaning it can repeat an ask a pre-determined number of times

4. Computer Programmable robot:

This kind of robot essentially a server Robot that can be controlled remotely via computer or any controllers.

5 types of industrial robotic configurations

1. Vertically Articulated

Connecting the joint at the arms of the robot to the robot via the twisting point. Because each link in the arm is connected to the Rotary points. Joint at structures are simply started from two jointed points to 10 or more interacting jointed points.

2. Cartesian
This can also so-called rectilinear. In this configuration, it will work on 3 axes (x,y,z) therefore it will use in a square place. The farm links in this configuration are connected via linear joints.

3. SCARA(selective compliance assembly robot arm)

This type of configuration features two horizontal joints and a cylindrical work area. It is not intended to work in multiple plans but rather Precision within one plane.

4. Cylindrical

It also likes SCAARA. It too has a cylindrical work area also one robotic arm is connected via a joint at its base, with linear joints connecting the arms links

5. Polar

The robotic arm is connected at the base via a twisting point. The arm's links are connected through a combination of rotary linear joints. The work area is spherical in shape

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