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how to make wifi hacker

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Now days wifi password hacking is very usual to do. So here I will show you how to make wifi jammer which means how to block the wifi signal. here I have used Nodemcu or ESP8266 board for blocking the wifi signal and also able to create fake wifi SSID, where the board is mostly famous for creating IOT applications. If you want to do more IOT projects with hands full of dirty check out my website or my YouTube channel

Disclaimer: It is illegal to use jammer in the public areas without taking permission of govt. authority. This tutorial is just for educational purpose. Do it on your risk.

Technically, we are not making a jammer but a Deauther. There is a small difference between these. A Jammer sends noise signals to the Wi-Fi spectrum (2.4GHz) thus disturbing original Wi-Fi frequency spectrum. While a Deauther sends packets to interfere with your Wi-Fi signals thus disrupting the normal working of your Wi-Fi router.  It behaves like a jammer. 

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Follow the video version of tutorial here


without further delay let's jump into the working part

  1. Uploading Wi-Fi Jammer firmware into ESP12 using ESP8266 flasher.  
                  For this method we need Jammer firmware for NodeMCU which be downloaded from the                   given links:   


  • ESP8266 flasher
  • Deauther Firmware – It is basically a .bin file .It is available for three NodeMCU versions depending on flash memory (1MB, 4MB and 512Kb). Download the version according to your board specification. In my case, board version is 1MB.


        2. After finish the download process, open your esp8266flasher.exe file.

       3. Click on Config and and then setting icon. Choose the .bin file that you have downloaded for your                     board and click on Operations.

      4. Click on Flash and it will start your uploading process. Wait for few minutes and your firmware uploading is finished.

      5. Reset your ESP12 board after uploading the firmware

      6. Now, connect your laptop or smartphone with Access Point created by NodeMCU. Name of AP is “pwned” and password is “deauther” These are default name and password.

      7. Open your browser and enter this address 

  •              You will see a warning, read it and click on I have read and understood

    8.  After this you will see the window given below. Click on Scan APs to search for the WiFi networks available. Now, click on Reload. In my case everything is being shown in the window.(video)

    9. Click on the WiFi network which you want to Jam. You can choose more than one but it will make your NodeMCU unstable.

  10.  Click on Attacks and you will see that you have chosen one target for attack. To start the Attack click on start and then Reload.

You have successfully jammed the network. You can see in the video that my wifi network which already has connected, wouldn't allow me to access my wifi. To stop the attack click on stop button.

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Make a fake WiFi network

        if you want to create a fake wifi network, Click on SSIDs above and name the SSIDs as you want .Add and save it. Come back to Attacks menu and click on Start in front of Beacon. but before going to do that make sure to unselect the wifi network which you had selected already.

You can check in your mobile or PC that wifi name that you have created will be displayed but it will not connect with this fake network it is just a WiFi spam. You can see in my video, it has been connecting into my
available wifi network automatically because which only has the proper connection with my phone. you can use this method for blame others for fun.

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