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Get awared by notification to your smartphone, regarding the soil moisture

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We  all have home gardens at our home. To keep the plants more healthy, we need to water the plants at perfect time at perfect range. Using this Soil moisture sensor with the IOT Technology, You can be able to know the soil moisture and get notification through your Smart phone. When the Soil get enough moisture, you can stop watering your plants.

Through out this Activity you can prevent your plants from excess watering and keep the Soil Moisture from falling into dry condition.


   2.Soil moisture sensor
   3.Bread board
   4.jumbo cables
   5.Power bank(to power up nodemcu)


   Nodemcu -> Soil moisture sensor

     VV        ->  Vcc

      A0       ->  A0

    GND     ->  GND

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Download the code by

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