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New idea to reduce drug usage among adults

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Drug usage is one of the most considerable problems among the adults. In School there is a core subject in a paticular subject Instead of that make it as a full fledged sylabbus oriented main subject and incharge a teacher for that subject who must have vast knowledge about drug usage among adults. Instead of written exam give field works and Activities to put grades for students

Those activities are as follows,
     1. Students must conduct an awareness program among society. As a proof that they want to           submit their program footage video.

     2.Students must come forward to exhibit awareness drawing and thoughts among society

     3.Students want to conduct online facebook,webinars to their juniors and they want to submit their report to the teacher

Finaly in School Annual prize giving event, the best performer, best performance group wants to get awarded. This will encourage the students as well. This activity will easily reach each&every house. when a house gets awared about drug, the society will easily get awared through these drug usage among adults.

Through these activities, Student will get emotionally interconnected with the usage of drugs. emotions have an ability to totally change over a man's attitude. Thus this notion will enhance students in developing an awareness among them from their heart.

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