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Why “A” Students Fail

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A person may be highly educated mentally, but if they are not
educated emotionally, their fear will often stop their body from doing
what it must do. That is why so many “A” students get stuck in “analysis
paralysis,” studying every little detail, but failing to do anything.
This “analysis paralysis” is caused by our educational system
punishing students for making mistakes. If you think about it,
“A” students are “A” students simply because they made the fewest
mistakes. The problem with that emotional psychosis is that, in the
real world, people who take action are the ones who make the most
mistakes and learn from them to win in the game of life.
Just look at Presidents Clinton and Bush. Clinton could not
admit he had sex and Bush could not recall any mistakes he made
during his presidency. Making mistakes is human, but lying about
your mistakes is criminal, a criminal act known as perjury.

When criticized for making 1,014 mistakes before creating the
electric light bulb, Thomas Edison said, “I did not fail 1,014 times.
I successfully found out what did not work 1,014 times.”
In other words, the reason so many people fail to achieve success
is because they fail to fail enough times.
one of the reasons so many people cling to job security is because they
lack emotional education. They let fear stop them.
One of the best things about military school and the Marine
Corps is that these organizations spend a lot of time developing
young men and women spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and
physically. Although it was a tough education, it was a complete
education, preparing us to do a nasty job.

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